Automatic station for 6 m double-sided adhesive application

The SBA is an automatic machine for the application of double-sided tape on the tube for winding the mosquito nets without any intervention by the operator.

To allow continuous processing, it is possible to insert a good number of aluminum tubes which the machine will then load autonomously.

The double-sided tape is applied in both directions of travel in order to minimize downtime.

The automatic cutting of the double-sided tape allows automatic unloading of the finished tube directly into an external collection basket.

The two “open” walls of the structure are protected by photoelectric barriers that prevent any possibility of reaching dangerous moving parts by operators.

All programming data is entered via an easy-to-read touch-screen panel.

Unlike the semi-automatic models, this machine does not require any intervention by the operator.
By programming the number of cycles to be performed, the machine will automatically stop waiting for intervention.

Hardened steel carriages and stepper motor and digital control allow for fast and accurate cycles.



Technical information

Maximum length – mm 7400

Maximum depth – mm 1600

Max height – mm 1560

Mains voltage – V 220

Absorbed power – Kw 2

Operating pressure – Bar 4/5

Weight – kg 600


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