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Since 1985 our company has been designing and manufacturing various mechanical equipment.

We specialize in the production of machines and equipment for the production of mosquito nets, roller blinds, technical blinds and welding.



The design takes place entirely within the company.

This allows us to make heavy structural or functional changes to machinery. We also manufacture completely new equipment following the customer’s specifications.

Some examples of these “On Request” designs can be viewed in the “Project Equipment” section.


All equipment is designed and built exclusively in our laboratory.

This guarantees a high level of quality and knowledge of the material produced.

Our flexibility in production and design allows us to offer the most suitable machinery for the types of finished product requested at the moment.


We provide complete assistance and spare parts.

Some equipment can be installed directly by the customer.

The large equipment is installed and tested at the customer’s premises by the manufacturers themselves to eliminate any assembly defect.

During installation, the end user is provided with all information regarding how to use, spare parts, and solutions to any problems.

The technicians present in the company are always available to discuss any new projects, doubts or problems to be solved.