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Produttore di macchinari e automazioni dal 1985

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  • emme zeta costruzione macchine automatiche
  • emme zeta costruzione macchine automatiche
  • emme zeta costruzione macchine automatiche
  • emme zeta costruzione macchine automatiche
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Emme Zeta snc

Emme Zeta snc has been operating since 1985 in the field of automation and other equipment.

Specializing in the production of machinery for the production of mosquito nets, roller blinds and curtains techniques.


Emmezeta, producing all parties within the company is able to customize equipment and machinery in accordance with the needs and demands of the customer with particular attention to the design process. The ongoing dialogue with the customer to know the problems of production, product updates, and to be able to provide a wide range of products according to the market innovations.

Designed with style

Our production is based on the reduction of labor costs and production, while maintaining a high level of quality. All embodiments are based on a simple design to minimize cost and the problems of maintenance in order to ensure ease of use and ability to perform small maintenance to minimize the blocks of the production line.

A dialogue with the customer

The wide range of available equipment allows each customer to find the most suitable equipment to buy. This is also the reason why we are able to offer different levels of automation for the same type of processing, in order to meet every type of production reality. We are open to dialogue together to find the right solution.

Emme Zeta Snc

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